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Candy Canes, Christmas Trees, Kwanzaa and More! Happy Holidays!

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Fun Fall Season Activities for Kids!

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The Fall season is here and the weather has begun to turn colder. Its time to come up with alternative activities for kids aside from the standard outdoor selections.  While some Fall toddler and preschooler activities can be weather permitting, our suggestions below are all indoor and offer moms a chance to have a fun afternoon with their kids while not breaking the bank in the process.

1) Bumper Bowling – Check with your local bowling alley and most will inform you of a 1/2 off day or $1/game special, usually midweek during the afternoon hours.  Most bowling alleys are slow during the day and need customers thus offering deep discounts to take advantage of.  Try to get them to include free shoe rental as part of the deal as most will do so.  Even toddlers and preschoolers can participate in Duckpin or Bumper Bowling and have a blast.

2) Day at the Library – How quickly moms forget how much fun kids have at the library.  Most public libraries have library storytimes and toddler events on a weekly basis in the Fall.  Even if there’s not a storytime or event going on, kids love libraries.  Usually loaded with comfy beanbag chairs and puzzles for the youngsters, these types of preschoolers activities usually are a winner and best of all free.

3) Kids Movie Days – Unbeknownst to many moms, some local movie theaters have a day of the week where they offer cheap movies for moms with toddlers and young children only.  Usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday during off peak times, theaters offer kid themed movie showings that allow kids to be kids.  No worries about being too noisy or sitting still.  If your kid truly wants to watch the movie, this might not be the choice for you!  Usually a nice reprieve for moms but bring your own food as they’ll get you on the full priced popcorn and drinks.

4) Arts and Crafts — Call up a local arts and crafts store and ask if they have any upcoming demonstrations or ‘how to’ classes directed towards kids.  Usually these classes are meant to drum up future business and draw in moms to purchase supplies and thus are free or minimal cost.  Sometimes you’ll have to pay for the supplies used during the class so make sure to choose wisely but it usually ends up in an enjoyable crafts for kids adventure.

Have a wonderful Fall !

Jeff RothAbout the Author: Jeff Roth is CEO of, launched in the Summer of 2010 to help moms of toddlers, babies and preschoolers to find upcoming local activities for their kids.
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Toddler Life Vests. Water Safety for Kids.

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Would you ever forgive yourself if you were out on the water with your family and you lost a child because you didn’t have a proper fitting and working infant life vest for every child? A few weeks ago I saw a family that was enjoying a wonderful day out on the water, and they had this nice vest for their dog, but not for their small child. Just because you think your dog is more likely to jump or fall in, doesn’t mean that your child won’t.

Have you ever taken your eye off of your child for even 30 seconds? Let’s face it; no parent can watch their child’s every move. Make sure you have an infant life vest that fits properly and is the correct size, so your children will be safe if they happen to fall into the water. Why not just put them in an adult vest you already have lying around or just put inflatable arm bands around them? What about those noodles, they are fine right? These might seem like good ideas, but they may be putting your child or infant in just as much danger as not wearing an infant life vest at all.

So, you now agree that you should have a vest for your infant, toddler, or young child. Are all created equal? What are with those Type I, II, III, and IV safety ratings? When will the infant life vest be too small or big? Infant life vests are typically for children 15 – 30 lbs, while toddler life vests are for children 30 – 50 lbs, and youth life vests for children 50 – 90 lbs. It is recommended that infants and toddlers wear a Type II vest, while youths use a Type III or Type II vest.

What if you toddler or infant doesn’t want to wear that boring old orange life vest? Infant life vests come in many great colors and patterns, some complete with your favorite sports team, or your child’s favorite cartoon character on them. If you give your child a choice in the purchase of their infant life jacket, they are very likely to want to wear the vest each time they are out on the water.

If you are out on the water this summer with your family, make sure they are all protected. Make sure you are a well informed consumer and you know what each safety type means and what materials and styles are out there. Remember, the best infant life vest is one that your child will wear!

Article Source: ABC Article Directory

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About The Author: Daniel Wegner loves being outdoors, especially out on the water boating, fishing, skiing, or swimming. He is also a new father. He started the website to try to get the word out about having life vests for every child, and advice on purchasing the safest vest.

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Making Music with your Preschooler

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Here are some free preschool lesson plans for making music with your preschool class or your own preschoolers at home. These are very simple, and will introduce your preschooler to listening and thinking about music.

These activities will help your preschoolers learn:

-To listen for the difference between loud sounds and soft sounds
-To identify how sounds are the same or different
-Different ways they can create music with their own voices.

Now, onto the fun!

What’s making that sound? Look around your home and collect items like marbles, bells, pencils, paperclips, and other small items. Put one item in a small box and shake it around. Ask your preschooler what they think is in the box. Does it make a soft or a loud sound?

Make your own rock band! Go outside and collect rocks of different sizes. Your preschoolers might even enjoy helping you with this. Then pick up various rocks and bang them together, one pair at a time. Ask your preschoolers if they can tell you if the sounds the different rocks make are the same or different. If they are different, how are they different?

No talking allowed! Play a game with your preschoolers where they have to talk to each other by singing their words instead of speaking. For some reason, this game reminds me of a scene in the movie Finding Nemo, where Dory was “talking” to the whale. If your preschoolers are familiar with the movie, you might use that as an example of how to sing words instead of speak them.

About the Author: Denise Willms is a professional article writer and mom to two former preschoolers. Visit her website, to find more parenting and preschool articles. You’ll also find some ideas for home businesses you can start while being home with your preschoolers.



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Butterfly Themed crafts for preschool, kindergarten and elementary bulletin boards

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Preschool Activities - Butterly Bulletin Board

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Looking for ideas for bulletin boards with a butterfly theme?

What an excellent spring science and NATURE project, especially coupled with raising butterflies in the classroom, always a favorite of students.

One idea for preschool, kindergarten and elementary bulletin boards would be the Stages of the Monarch Butterfly. The four stages that should be presented are: egg, caterpillar (larva), chrysalis (pupa) and butterfly.

Make the title, “Stages of the Monarch Butterfly”, with a stencil or freehand, at the top of the bulletin board. Section the butterfly bulletin board into four squares, using one square for each stage.

Each square should be titled the name of a stage, with stencil or freehand. It would be great to use actual photographs of each stage in the squares or use drawings depicting the stage.

If the students are upper elementary, use both the English and Greek word for caterpillar and chrysalis. Consider adding some specific information about the stages, such as the length of stage and descriptions.

Other ideas for bulletin boards with a butterfly theme include:

Butterfly Host Plants – Show different local butterflies and their specific host plant (caterpillar food).
Butterfly Nectar Plants – Show the favorite nectar plants (butterfly food) for attracting butterflies in your area.
Monarch Butterfly Migration Map (North America) – Excellent idea for fall or late winter. Follow the migration of the Eastern Monarch Butterflies between Mexico and your location or the Western Monarch Butterflies between the West Coast and your location.

Want to know more? Detailed information on these ideas for bulletin boards with a butterfly theme can be found below.

About the Author:
Karen Fish has created a website to share her passion for Raising Monarch Butterflies. Photos of the bulletin board described here can be found on her website.

There is also detailed information on butterflies in the classroom at

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Top 10 items for your Child’s Easter Basket!

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photo by Something Monumental

The Easter basket is the quintessential symbol of the religious holiday that takes place two days after Good Friday each year. Well, that and the Easter Bunny. Easter baskets, overflowing with chocolate bunnies, jelly bean-filled plastic eggs and other delightful candy treasures, remain one of the most popular children’s holiday gifts in modern day history, second only to Read more

Who Takes Care of Mom? Scheduling alone time.

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No Rest for Weary Moms

No Rest for Weary Moms

Doesn’t it seem as though there’s no rest for the weary? And, doesn’t it also seem as though the weary person is usually mom? That’s probably because moms ( and nowadays Dads too) take care of home and household as well as everything in between. So the question one must ask is; who takes care of mom? The answer? You do! If you happen to be a busy mom, odds are you need to learn to value yourself and your own personal needs by scheduling some special alone time.

This personal time is a right of yours and is a real necessity for busy moms. All busy moms have the ability to nurture others but that constant care and giving can definitely takes its toll. 
For example, a vehicle needs gasoline to make it run. Sooner or later the gas will run out and you won’t be able to use your car until it’s filled up with fuel. This analogy also goes for you. If you don’t find the time to replenish your body and mind, just like a car engine, you simply won’t function. Even worse, if you do try and push things to the limit, you run the risk of developing emotional or physical issues brought on by excess demands on your system. You need to maintain your emotional well-being, to ensure your running in top shape and with a full tank of gas.

By taking personal mom time, you allow yourself to refuel, so that you can provide for your family and for yourself. Next time you feel overstretched, don’t be ashamed or afraid to take fifteen minutes to sit and decompress. Here are a few tips to help you fit in some much needed “mom” time:

1. Wake up early if needed. When you have kids, the day begins at a hurried and hectic pace. Once your day begins, you need to hit the ground running and there is very little opportunity to stop. By waking half an hour before everyone else, you can create some private time for a little peace and solitude to enjoy a cup of coffee, meditate, listen to some music, or read a book.

2. Find an outdoor escape. In the spring or summer, relaxing in a backyard hammock or lounge chair under a tree is often the perfect escape from the pressures of the day. Sitting quietly reading a book or magazine for a while can seem like bliss to many moms.

3. Ask your partner for help. Obviously children love their mothers but father time is important as well. Get your partner to take care of the kids and let them bond together while you go out shopping, for a coffee with girlfriends, or simply enjoy a hobby around the house. The time is yours so do whatever you’d like. Just know that if you stay around the house, you run the risk of having your personal time interrupted.

4. Turn unexceptional occurrences into major events. What do I mean by this you ask? Well when you take a bath try adding scented candles, bubbles, soothing music and a bath pillow or headrest. All of a sudden, a normal bath has taken on a spa like atmosphere and is a much more enjoyable experience. Another way to make a normal event become extraordinary is to turn a movie into a theatre-like experience. Try turning out the lights, making some popcorn, getting rid of the phone and other distractions and curling up on the couch with some pillows and blankets.

5. Fit in exercise breaks. When you get a few spare minutes in a day, probably the last thing you want to do is exercise but by getting a little physical activity in your day, you can create some far-reaching positive results. Not only does exercise allow you to stretch your muscles but it also lets you think more clearly and drains away stress as natural endorphins are released into your body. To make this task easier, try doing some jumping jacks while watching television or try jogging to the bus stop or school when you pick up your kids

6. Make sure to laugh. Get one of those joke a day calendars for the kitchen or find a website that offer a daily joke. You can also find plenty of videos on YouTube that are sure to provide a good laugh. This recommendation should not be overlooked as laughing reduces stress and helps lift your spirits, not to mention keeping your abdominal muscles tight.

7. Use the Boy Scout motto. The boy scouts learn to “Always be prepared.” If you head this advice, you will be able to spend more time in a relaxed state. By staying on top of things you will incur less stress. For example, try preparing lunches, ironing clothes, and having your children place their backpacks by the front door the night before. The fewer things you find yourself scrambling to do throughout the day, the calmer and better off you’ll be when it comes to simply enjoying the downtime spent with your family.

So moms, please be sure to take proper care of yourself and mix in a bit of private time. You can only demand so much from yourself and your family would miss you terribly if you weren’t around to love and care for them the best you could. You owe it to yourself to take a break from the daily grind and refuel your engine!

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About the Author
Eronne Ward is a mother of three, guardian to kids in need, activist for the protection of children online and runs a kids entertainment and education website –

If you want some great resources to reward your child with, make sure to check out Eronne’s parenting club where you can receive access to free stuff for your kids and more helpful parenting tips – The Cackleberries Club.

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