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    • Weekly Quandary: Talking Racism and Sexism With Children September 29, 2014
      Parental silence on gender roles and racial differences won't lead to race-blind and gender-neutral children. That doesn't make racism and sexism any easier to talk about. How does your family do it? […]
    • Adopted From Russia, Just Days Before the Ban September 29, 2014
      From a visa arriving hours before a government shutdown to staying one mile away from the protests in Red Square against American families adopting Russian children, there were plenty of chances for this adoption to fall apart. […]
    • ‘Home Alone’ at 7, Safe and Learning to Stay That Way September 28, 2014
      My 7-year-old son asked to stay home while I ran errands in our neighborhood. I agreed, and our experiment was a success — except to those who insisted on seeing encouragement of independence as a "tragedy waiting to happen." […]

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